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Meizhigao & Youduli Parent-child Storage Salon Event B&Q Guangzhou Tianhe Station ended successfully

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On October 7th, Meizhigao, together with the vice president unit of Shenzhen Storage Industry Association - Shenzhen Storage Culture Technology Service Co., Ltd., held the "Parent-child Storage Salon" in B&Q Tianhe Store, Guangzhou, and invited its brands to have strong storage Ms. Huang Jiayin, the general manager, and Gao Xitao, a senior lecturer, shared storage knowledge.


Now let's review the wonderful performance of the children!


The activity is about to begin. Mom and Dad lead their babies to enter the venue one after another and take their seats. The children look excited and looking forward to it.


The quiz with prizes ignited the enthusiasm of the children, and the salon activities officially started!


Children have started to live in groups since they were three years old. During the growth process, the items gradually increase with the needs of life. Whether they can adapt to the new environment has a lot to do with their self-care ability, so it is especially important to give children a chance to store by themselves.

1. Storage tips

At the salon event, senior lecturer Mr. Gao shared many tips on stacking clothes, such as:

How to stack socks, T-shirts, pants and other clothes to save space?

How to plan the wardrobe space more reasonably?

How to use the waste paper stack storage box?


It not only enhances children's storage awareness, but also improves parents' storage and organization skills.

2. Small storage practice

In the interactive session, the host invited 3 young guests to come to the stage to learn and practice how to fold socks, underwear, pants, T-shirts, etc., and then held a fun storage competition. The young contestants applied what they learned and performed well. Meizhigao also gave everyone small gifts as encouragement.


Normally, parents may think that children’s clothes will become more and more messy when folding clothes, but the results of the storage salon competition surprised them. Under the guidance of Teacher Gao, the little guests not only quickly learned how to store clothes, but also from their perspective. Ask some questions about laundry storage.


Every little guest has a different way of folding clothes, but this is not important. What is important is the sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm that children get from participating in the activities.

Many times when parents see their children fail to do well, they rush to do it themselves. In fact, this will destroy the children's self-confidence, let them try and make mistakes, and accept their children's imperfect storage habits. The role of parents is to guide them patiently and encouragement.

Storage is not necessarily a housework, it may also be a parent-child game with parents.

3. Parents lead by example

Parents are the best teachers for children. Children's living habits will be greatly influenced by their parents. When they live in a clean and bright environment, they will form good storage and tidying habits virtually.


At the salon event, the children could not only operate the clothes, but also subconsciously classify the clothes according to the color. In the family storage competition, it can even guide parents how to "start".

4. An environment where children grow up together

When choosing household products, parents can consider products that can be adjusted freely to meet the height needs of children in different growth stages. Every period, you can let the children adjust it by themselves, which not only saves money, but also cultivates children's awareness of storage management.


The parent-child activity salon is held to improve children's hands-on and planning skills, establish a good sense of home storage, and create a clean and comfortable family living environment.

After more than 20 years of development, Meizhigao has successfully transformed into a comprehensive service provider integrating storage design, storage training, storage services, and storage products. It is committed to creating an industry-leading space storage management service provider and serving in a new form Create a better lifestyle and consumption experience for users in the new era.

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