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MZG offers our clients with tailor-made OEM/ODM storage solutions, should you need high quality products in professional service, please contact us.

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Expand the space saver

Classification & well in order display


Environmental Friendly

Cost Saving

Problems solving for customers

electronic industry

Electronics Industry, Products classification is difficult

The storage space usage is low and the cost is high

The storage environment is must be ESD, dust-proof, weight release, and impact-proof.

Improve traditional shelving can not be adjusted freely

Poor turnover flexibility leads to low work efficiency

Retail industry

Retail Industry, Low utilization of display space and small display space

Good is diversified and easy to pick up

The traditional shelf to move is difficult have a health dead corner

The use of space display flexibly adjusted is bad

Carry goods from warehouse to the store, waste time and labor

office system

Business Office , Goods, kinds, sizes, classification management is difficult

Messy accumulation, affect the company features

Low utilization of office storage space, waste of space

Documents is heavy, Wood shelves easy to deformation

Wooden shelves is bulky and cannot be adjusted freely

Hotel Dining

Hotel Catering,Food, tableware is variety, Difficult to classify manage

Its not Ventilated and breathable, the food is easy to stale

Super load-bearing, goods is heavy, handling and turnover time laborious Control the temperature of storage is difficult and it is easy to deteriorate. After dinning, other space oil pollution cleaning is difficult.

High requirements and healthy.



DIY free combination


No tool required


Wireless extension


Height adjustable


Length extendable


Heavy duty bearings


With adjustable levelers for uneven flooring


Environmental friendly

Trade network

Product installation video

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Shenzhen Meizhigao Technology Company Limited.

Shenzhen Meizhigao Technology Company Limited.