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Meizhigao's five-step healthy storage method - turning it into a warm, comfortable and beautiful home

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  Meizhigao's five-step healthy storage method - turning it into a healthy, warm, comfortable and beautiful home

  When a person goes from being single to a world of two, to a family of three, or even to living together, there will only be more and more items in the home.

  01 Practical significance of storage

  1. Make home warm and comfortable, pursue quality life

  Many people think that storage means putting things away and keeping them clean. In fact, storage is not just about putting things away. Home storage is closely related to physical health. Caring for health is a meticulous job. Home health is not only a rational decision to put Throw things away or throw them away, let the sunlight shine into the room, make every corner of the family easy to clean, and it is the pursuit of quality life.

  2. Reduce the infestation of germs and protect the health of the home

  Good storage will also reduce the impact of dust on home health, keep family members away from the harassment of respiratory diseases, and reduce the invasion of various bacteria and viruses. The dirty and messy home environment is very easy to breed bacteria and viruses, causing respiratory infections in family members, especially children. Therefore, we remind everyone to pay attention to storage and maintain a high-quality lifestyle and living environment.

  3. Clean up mental garbage, release stress, and maintain physical and mental health

  The fast pace of modern life has increased people's mental pressure, making people have no leisure to care about their physical and mental health, and no leisure to appreciate the joy of life. Putting your feet down and organizing your home is actually a very good way to reduce stress. This is because all storage and organization start from breaking away. Those various items exchanged for real gold and silver are really difficult to throw away. I always think that I can use them in the future. Mentality is the main reason for the mess in our home. In fact, the same is true for psychological garbage. The "reluctance" to people and things leads to the accumulation of psychological garbage, which eventually makes people fall into stress.



  So when you clean up your household garbage, your inner garbage will also be cleaned up at the same time, thereby releasing stress and maintaining physical and mental health.

  Health Cheats - Storage in Five Steps

  As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning, and to do a good job of storage requires changing the mind of fear of difficulties. If storage is regarded as cleaning up a messy room, it is easy to generate negative emotions. And if you regard storage as an "investment to live a little easier", the motivation will be greatly increased. It should be soberly aware that storage is essentially a means to make life easier and more convenient, and it is a preparation for living more comfortably at home and in the room. If the home environment is always poorly organized, you should not be angry, or even give up directly. Instead, you should reflect on whether the storage method is correct and whether the storage supplies are appropriate.

  The first step of the five-step method - clean up

  Cleaning: Empty and clean up the space, so that there is nowhere to hide the sundries, thoroughly clean up (sterilize, disinfect) the space stains, and make the space cleaner.

  So how to do the specific cleaning work? Before we clean up, we first think about how many things we own, make a list for ourselves, and prepare a pen. Sort out a list of things you don't need by area. Secondly, divide the items into "needs" and "don'ts", and decisively dispose of unnecessary things. Then, thoroughly clean, sterilize and disinfect.

  When cleaning, you should also pay attention to taking out all the items, and try to get it done at one time, so that the future storage work is just "returning", which can save a lot of storage time. After keeping your favorite items, follow this storage order: 1. Clothes 2. Books 3. Documents 4. Sundries 5. Souvenirs. Putting clothes first is because most people have the most clothes at home.



  The second step of the five-step method - organize

  Sorting: Sorting and summarizing according to the properties of the classified items (such as the thread of the fabric).

  Why organize? The benefits of tidying up? You can quickly find the items you need for daily use and reduce the time for taking them; try to only do one-time tidying, and you can keep your home tidy and clean at any time, saving effort and time. It can make the best use of everything and reduce the waste of resources.

  Tidy up skills?

  Before sorting out, we should think about what is the biggest difficulty we encountered before sorting out? When a lot of people tidy up the housework, they will find that when you try your best to tidy it up, the family members will get messy again after rummaging. In this way, you are very distressed and have a strong sense of frustration. In fact, you don’t have to worry, this is because everyone has different living habits, different heights, and different visual heights. Of course, the most convenient way to organize is also different. Confirm the location of the items according to your preferences, and it is best to make an agreement with them that the items must be returned to the original place after use, so that you are not afraid of getting messy again.

  There is also a principle of tidying up - "If you can stand up and put it away, never stack it up." Standing up can greatly increase the storage space. For example, in the kitchen, stand up and store in partitions. It can also be allocated according to the frequency of use: put the frequently used items at a convenient height, and put the rarely used items on the top cabinet, which is quite convenient to take.



  The third step of the five-step method - classification.

  Classification: Follow the item category and classify according to your own preferences.

  Why classification? Benefits of classification?

  1. Let items with the same attributes be classified into one category, which is beneficial to find objects, fill in the gaps in time, and improve the efficiency of home life. 2. Sorting keeps the home beautiful, not cluttered.

  Classification skills

  When it comes to sorting, what do you do? You will say, isn't it just to classify according to your own preferences or item attributes. If this is the case, then there is no need to talk about classification. In fact, classification is not only based on item categories or preferences, but also based on the aesthetics of the home. Here are two practical methods for you.



  1. The rule of thirds of classification and storage

  Before performing the rule of thirds, you must first inspect the place and objects, get a rough look, and then classify the objects. For example, you have to clean up the kitchen. Before starting to organize and store, you need to look around the kitchen for a week, and then divide the existing items in the kitchen into three categories: ingredients, tableware, and cooking utensils.

  Why should it be divided into three categories? In fact, it is because it emphasizes that when classifying a place, first classify it in general, and don't classify it too carefully. If it is divided into two categories, sometimes it will not be enough; if it is divided into four categories, it will seem a bit too much. Therefore, first roughly divide it into three categories, and then subdivide it into three categories, and so on, and gradually divide it into finer and smaller ones, so that the classification work can be carried out very conveniently.

  2. The seven-five-one rule of classification and storage

  Seven: Only fill 70% of the invisible storage space, and leave 30% as a passage for items to enter and exit.

  Five: Only 50% of the visible storage space can be filled, this is for aesthetics.

  One: In the storage space for others to see, you only need to put one layer of things, and put the minimum things, so that the primary and secondary procedures are clear at a glance.



  Step 4 of the Five-Step Method – Creativity

  Creativity: According to the space size, size, application environment and other factors, create storage solutions that adapt to exclusive spaces (such as storage solutions for bedrooms, kitchens, etc.)

  Why creative storage? benefit?

  1. Make full use of space and improve space utilization.

  2. Through creative combinations, not only can more items be stored, but also make the home more beautiful and stylish.

  The fifth step of the five-step method - storage.

  Storage: Comfortable and convenient space storage can not only make you happy, but also reduce the pollution hazards in hidden places, making your living space healthier.

  Meizhigao's "Severance and Departure" storage method: the simpler, the happier

  Break: Cut off what is unnecessary.

  She: Abandon the rags at home.

  Li: Get rid of the obsession with objects.

  People must first know what they need. Our pursuit of many things does not stem from needs, but because we follow the crowd or worldly vanity, so we fall into the obsession with material things and burden ourselves physically and mentally.

  Meizhigao Storage absorbs the essence of the idea of "breaking away from homes" and adopts the design and development concept of humanism. On the one hand, it develops comfortable and convenient space storage products to facilitate people's lives. Pleasure and satisfaction, truly achieve spiritual "break away" and make life easier.

  Live healthy and be diligent in storage. A good habit is beneficial to a person's life, and a good storage method is also beneficial to the health of a lifetime. Meizhigao's five-step healthy storage method starts from the reality of life, is easy to learn, and creates a comfortable, healthy, safe, and tidy home environment for Chinese people, making everyone's home more beautiful because of storage!



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