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What new industry outlets and business opportunities will emerge after the epidemic?

Time:2021-05-31 Views:238

The pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has been erupting since years ago, and the domestic market has been greatly affected. This epidemic has pressed the "pause" button on the economy. Most companies are in dire straits. Until now, we cannot be sure that the epidemic will be How long does it last?

This epidemic has pressed the "pause" button for the economy. Enterprises have no income, and most of them are in dire straits. The epidemic is a crisis. But behind the crisis, there is also a turning point.

What are the turning points behind this epidemic? What are the business opportunities?

The epidemic is a disaster and an opportunity, a disaster and a driving force, and a disaster and a wake-up call!

Because mankind will learn wisdom from disasters!

People will change their perceptions and habits from disasters!

People will also wake up in disasters.

Human history is such a continuous evolution, whether it is a disaster of war, a natural disaster or a disaster of disease!

First of all, we must believe: mankind will definitely defeat the virus!

Second, we must be firmer: companies must survive the crisis before they can touch business opportunities!

There is always hope in crises, such as the rise of e-commerce after SARS in 2003. Seventeen years have passed, Internet users have increased by 20 times, and Internet practitioners have received numerous dividends. Then, after this epidemic, which industries will usher in development?

Short video and online cinema

With the advent and popularization of 5G, short videos and live broadcasts have been identified as outlets. The epidemic has left too many people at home. If they are bored, they will use Douyin to play Kuaishou, and the daily activity of the video platform will reach a new high. Short videos may be our main way to obtain information and entertainment in the future. At present, many platforms are competing for this golden opportunity, and many businesses want to use short videos for marketing.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, "Mo", originally released on New Years Eve, was sold to ByteDance at a price of 630 million yuan. Although this move was resisted by industry personnel, it won the hearts of consumers. A major crisis will change people's consumption habits. In the future, if more online video platforms have the right to broadcast movies, movie theaters will lose more market share!

Storage and finishing industry

Affected by the epidemic, the home has become a refuge against the virus, and the "house" at home is the best self-protection! There is more time to stay at home. In addition to cooking, everyone also has more time to experience their home. People are starting to think about planning, organizing and organizing their own homes whether they still like the decoration and whether the storage tools can still meet the current storage needs. Especially in the special period when the virus is raging, it is important to have a healthy and comfortable home. These temporarily suppressed purchasing needs for storage and home furnishings will intensively break out after the epidemic.

Health care industry

The market demand for anti-epidemic supplies such as masks and disinfectant will increase. After this epidemic, the government and the people will be aware of the importance of these protective equipment and related industries will further develop. Even if the epidemic is over, because people’s awareness of hygiene increases, these protective equipment will become a must-have for household medicine kits. Product. These industries will also maintain relatively long-term benefits.

Maternal and infant industry

During the period between the epidemic and the end of the epidemic, the relationship between the sexes will become more frequent. The result is that the birth frequency of newborns at the end of 2020 is higher than usual. Under this trend, the sales of maternal and child products such as milk powder and diapers will enter a new stage. Steps.


New retail

After this epidemic, some companies will begin to realize that labor costs are the biggest cost. In the future, manpower will become the most precious resource, and all industries will develop towards unmanned or streamlined development. At the same time, intelligent logistics, unmanned retail, unmanned distribution or robotic distribution will also become more popular.

Community business

The development of e-commerce has long made people accustomed to shopping without leaving home, and has met many needs. The epidemic will undoubtedly boost the development of online models. The future business model will be a new social marketing model based on trust. The community will become several sales triggers. For users, spending money to buy their own accord is the ultimate pursuit.

Community-based shopping malls, relying on distribution advantages to retain customers in the surrounding 1km; use its own WeChat official account or mini program to promote the membership system to accumulate energy for consumption after the epidemic.

After the crisis, the economy will definitely recover.

But recovery has never been a return to the same path, but there will be some new growth.

These new growth are the opportunities behind this crisis.

I wish you can seize these opportunities.

I wish you turn this crisis into a turning point.