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metal end tables living room Factory.What are the precautions when using through shelves

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  Among the numerous warehouse shelf products in the current market, some shelves are less commonly used by customers, and there are also some popular warehouse shelves, which have a large customer base and are also common in the market. Through type shelves perform very well in various types of warehouses, and therefore have a lot of customer base.

  The main body of through type shelves is very similar to other shelves, and the main components are also composed of beams and columns. However, compared to traditional storage shelves, through type shelves have stronger storage capacity. In addition, the overall structure of the through type shelf is also more stable, easy to assemble and store goods. The structural composition of this shelf is very conducive to warehouse operations, especially in some enterprise warehouses with a large number of products, the through type shelf can deliver very good results.

  Through type shelves are usually only able to access goods from one side when in use, which means they can only support a first in, second out storage mode. In some warehouses that require the use of a first in, first out storage mode, such as storing food, it is no longer possible to use through shelves. The through type shelf is an integral structure that cannot be separated. We store goods only one by one, and there is no effective improvement in work efficiency.

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