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steel organizer wire rack Vendor.What are the criteria for designing heavy-duty shelves

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  In fact, for many procurement personnel in enterprises, when choosing warehouse shelves, they may feel confused because there are too many types of shelves and do not know what kind of shelves they should choose. In fact, procurement personnel should first understand the specifications of their own company's products when purchasing shelves, and then provide corresponding data and warehouse structure information to shelf manufacturers. This way, shelf manufacturers can provide you with suitable shelves based on the information you provide.

  When customizing heavy-duty shelves, procurement personnel need to understand a few basic knowledge about heavy-duty shelves. Below, let me ask you to explain which aspects.

  1. Make a plan for the length of heavy-duty shelves based on the size of the warehouse. In order to make it more convenient to manage the warehouse in the future, it is necessary to leave some space for future passage when designing shelves.

  It is also very important to have a clear understanding of what specifications of heavy-duty shelves a company needs. How many shelves and the number of shelves a company needs to carry will directly affect the cost of shelves. Reasonable planning can help companies avoid unnecessary resource waste.

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