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white wire shelving unit Factory.What are the functions of the shelves

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  The most basic function of shelves is to store goods, so for enterprise supermarkets, shelves are indispensable storage equipment. Of course, there are other ways to store products, so why do we have to use shelves.

  1. Shelves can make better use of warehouse space. If you simply stack goods, it will not only prevent them from being neatly placed, but also prevent them from being stacked too high, which can easily lead to safety issues. And the shelf solves this problem very well. The shelf itself has a high load-bearing capacity and can store a large number of products. At the same time, the structure is stable, and the goods can be stored in an orderly manner without tilting or collapsing.

  2. It can better ensure the integrity of goods, and directly stacking products may lead to mutual compression between products, resulting in product damage. The use of shelves can effectively avoid such situations and reduce losses for enterprises.

  3. Enterprises can use shelves to store products in an orderly manner, and management personnel classify and store products based on factors such as product, type, and size when storing goods. This can reduce a lot of time when picking up in the future.

  4. Shelves can effectively protect products from dust and moisture, further ensuring the integrity of the goods.

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