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12 tricks for bedroom storage to maximize the use of space

Time:2021-05-28 Views:214

The storage and furniture configuration of the bedroom is the biggest challenge faced by owners in home decoration, especially when only limited space is available; after placing necessary furniture, such as a bed and dressing table, most people will feel that there is space There is not much left.

Next, the storage coup for the small space in the bedroom will definitely help you remodel your bedroom, and there is no need to build a lot of construction!

1. Storage space under the bed

Under your bed, there must be unused storage space, and this space is just a perfect place to put seasonal clothes and rarely used items; containers such as canvas boxes can be placed under the bed, which can be used for loading These items.

2. Maximize the wardrobe space

The wardrobe can provide storage space beyond imagination, and the hanging space is particularly easy to use! If you want to add more space to the wardrobe, consider adding shelves or drawer elements so that the wardrobe can accommodate different objects. Make sure you have fully planned the bedroom storage so that you can move the items you need every day to the front and middle end of the wardrobe, while other items are stored in boxes and are perfectly hidden in the upper shelf.

3. Bedside tables are not necessarily the first choice

Although this is a common practice, it is not necessary to order a bed with a bedside table! If your bedroom is small, you can place the dressing table next to the bed instead of the bedside table, which will simplify your bedroom and create a unique look.

4. Make good use of your ceiling!

One of the brightest ways to store a small bedroom is to make good use of vertical space! If you have high ceilings, you can install top racks for your heavy boxes and suitcases, and collect these infrequently used items on the bottom floor; at the same time, you can also erase the original monotonous walls on the walls. Create additional storage space on the top.

5. Two-pronged functionality

Don't use the bedside table for a single purpose, it should increase its functional diversity. A good bedside table should be small enough to fit into a small corner, but at the same time large enough to arrange a small chair so that this area can also be used as a desk.

6. Raise your bed

In order to add space, you can raise the mattress and use the newly created space like a wardrobe; you can even use colorful design lockers to make the overall appearance more complete, while maintaining a wardrobe-like storage space.

7. Built-in "bed corner"

Place the wardrobe at the head of the bed to create more storage space.

8. Raise your bookcase

Lifting your bookshelf, freeing up the surrounding ground space, and creating a wall that can be replaced with paintings, like an art gallery, is the key to storing small rooms and enhancing the charming atmosphere.

9. Ladder shelf

One of the most clever ways to design a home bedroom storage is to use open display racks with different depths for different items, which can be used to store alarm clocks, spare blankets and collectibles. In addition to sufficient height, this type of storage rack has a depth. Extra space is also provided to store large objects.

10. Multi-purpose workspace

The small work area against the wall can provide the storage of jewelry objects in the bedroom space; on the other hand, the internal space of the cabinet can also be planned for storage of office supplies and file folders. You can use the foldable desktop as a simple work surface, which can be quickly put away when the work is completed, while hiding your storage space.

11. Make good use of headboard space

The unused headboard space can be used for storage in the bedroom. You can turn your headboard over to provide storage for changing clothes and spare blankets. When you close the front panel, the top of the bedside table can be used to place essential items before going to bed, including books.

12. The long shelf at the end of the bed

Adding wheels to the drawer storage cabinet becomes the secret weapon for neat storage under the bed.