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Have you seen such a balcony storage, very practical!

Time:2021-05-31 Views:188

Have you seen such a balcony storage, very practical!(图1)
The balcony will be beautiful when used well, but many families treat the balcony as a utility room. The things that are used less and are reluctant to throw are basically piled on the balcony, which looks messy. Let’s learn how to expand the balcony storage today.

1. Multi-use hooks to save space

When the plane space is limited, we might as well turn our attention to the vertical space. It is better to place a few more hooks on the wall and hang small items on the wall, which can save plane space and decorate the field of vision.

2. Let the flowerpot hang in the air

Green plants are almost indispensable on every balcony, and they are all placed on the ground to take up space. It is better to hang it, or fix it on the wall of the window sill, or hang it under the window frame. The view of appreciation also rises from the ground to mid-air, and the green is more delicate and beautiful against the sky.

3. Put the drying rack on the wall

Most of the time we need to dry the family’s clothes on the balcony. The high clothesline is not very convenient. It is better to design a folding drying rack on the wall that can be retracted at any time. It can be folded on the wall and does not take up any space. It can be opened at any time when it is used. It is simple and convenient to dry small clothes. .

4. Simple laundry room

Some families will set up the laundry room on the balcony to dry clothes easily. The location of the washing machine and the balcony wall can't be wasted, it can be solved well with a simple push-pull storage box and storage rack. Cleaning supplies, towels, laundry baskets, etc. can be placed here in an orderly manner, without wasting an inch of space.

5. Sun room with green plants

The small green plants placed on the balcony all year round can absorb plenty of sunlight, but it is inevitable that they will be covered with dust. It is better to provide them with a small sun room, which can be opened and closed at will without blocking the light, and it is also full of fun and beauty on the balcony.

6. Garbage sorting basket

If the balcony next to the kitchen is large enough, it can be used as an environmentally friendly recycling space in the home. Putting a few garbage sorting baskets here will not affect the beauty of the home, but also support environmental protection to the greatest extent. Green space starts with me.

7. Flexible small storage cabinets

The small enclosed storage cabinets can be used flexibly, and can be placed at will on indoors, balconies and even outdoor terraces, making use of the most fragmented space. The closed design is dust-proof and moisture-proof, and the lightweight volume can be moved at will. Pick a bright color to decorate any corner of the home.

8. The world under a stool

The open terrace allows residents to enjoy a rare outdoor space. Sunlight, air and green plants are all indispensable elements of the open balcony. The plain stool provides a resting place, and the storage space after the seat is uncovered is also very ingenious.

9. Find a home for shoes and bags

Seasonal shoes, bags and other small items need to find a place to stay. This can be well realized on the balcony next to the bedroom. A narrow closet is made on the side of the balcony closed at both ends, so that shoes, bags, and even small seasonal accessories can find a place to stay, and the thickness will not take up the use area of the balcony too much.

10. The utility room is not cluttered

Adjacent to the bedroom, the living room, or the balcony with unsatisfactory orientation and lighting, it is most suitable for transforming into a small utility room. The wooden storage cabinet is light and simple, and can fit into the smallest space. Labeled or transparent storage boxes can be large or small, so you can find items at a glance.

Rooms with multiple balconies need to be reasonably allocated functions. The balcony next to the kitchen is most suitable as a small food storage room. Store fresh vegetables, food, and food and kitchen items that are not used frequently. But we must pay attention to shading and moisture-proof to ensure that the food will not be mildewed due to the sun and moisture.