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After the college entrance examination, how to store and organize the "remembrance of youth" after the exam?

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  After the college entrance examination, how to store and organize the "remembrance of youth" after the exam?

  The 2022 national college entrance examination has officially come to an end.

  A piece of paper, parted with a period of youth;

  An exam opens a new era.

  Senior high school students struggle day and night,

  Finally able to bear fruit.

  What do you most want to do after high school?

  Dinner with family and friends?

  watch a movie?

  Or, come for a relaxing trip?

  The exam is over,

  But how to organize learning materials, daily necessities, etc.,

  Still a problem.

  In the three years of high school, textbooks, test papers, and tutoring materials piled up into a "mountain".

  Once the exams were over, many students were "completely" released,

  "sell" all data,

  Or let them "free fall" directly from the dorm hallways.

  The editor of Meizhigao recommends that students should organize carefully.

  In order to avoid loss of important data.


  1. Appropriate "break away"

  The end of the college entrance examination is a farewell to the phased self.

  Those test papers and materials soaked in "ink" and "sweat",

  It is also necessary to "break away" appropriately.

  If it is confirmed that it is no longer needed in the future, there is no need to keep it.

  According to the subject classification, it can be donated to younger students,

  After all, your notes and thoughts,

  It may be the "precious wealth" of the younger students.

  As for books, etc., you can also choose to donate to children in need in remote mountainous areas.

  There is a continuation after the "broken",

  After "giving up", there is still gain,

  There is overlap after "di".

  Let the "asset" processing after the college entrance examination become more fulfilling.


  2. Preserve "Youth Memories"

  If you will read it frequently in the future,

  Or those with "youth memories" and collection value,

  The editor of Meizhigao recommends classification,

  Use the storage box to organize and store,

  It's best to label it and put it on the shelf,

  You can find it anytime later.

  It is also time to further tidy up the bookshelves at home.

  Make room for this period of "youth" that is over

  Save them well.

  Don't mess around with me any more.

  Get into the habit of OCD, it's more important than any habit.

  Maybe, some night later,

  You flip through a book and see a line,

  You will think of a certain person, a certain voice, a certain expression.


  3. Leave room for “warrior”

  The college entrance examination is over, candidates who are waiting for the results,

  It is a full bow.

  In the end, it is a few happy and some sad,

  Hi, share with your family;

  Worry, need family comfort.

  As a parent, make room for the "warriors"!

  Whether it's the soul or the living things.

  Taking advantage of the rare holiday,

  Let them enjoy the warmth of home.

  Clothes and other supplies for students at school,

  Parents need to free up closet space,


  Return the youthful "armor" of the "warrior" to its original position,

  Melt back into the family.


  4. A new starting point

  The end of a period of youth means the opening of a new era.

  If once you get the title on the gold list and wait for the day to go to college,

  It also needs to be prepared in advance.

  Daily necessities, used items,

  They need to be sorted out in advance.

  Put it in your suitcase to avoid impromptu rushes.

  Every suitcase, every organizer,

  All filled with hopes and dreams for a new life,

  It is a sign of a new beginning.

  Regardless of the success of the college entrance examination or temporary "failure",

  More than a thousand days and nights of fighting with lanterns,

  Those days of hard work are your eternal memory.

  After passing by, we must look forward,

  Whether the road ahead is full of flowers or thorny,

  It is necessary to clear up the thinking, organize the "equipment", and store it calmly.

  Meizhigao also wishes all the students to get their wish and live up to it!

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