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University Storage Guide | Cheap and Practical Tips to Give Your Dorm a "Big Facelift"

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  The battle of storage in the school season in September, the traces of youth

  Time flies, the university has started, and the school no longer has a single luxurious single room at home. Instead, it is a dormitory where multiple people live together. Compared with the home, the per capita space in the dormitory is greatly reduced, so how to make good use of the space becomes very important.


  After entering the dormitory life, the habit of placing things randomly may have to be changed. After all, a single room is allocated to 6 people, and some even 8 people. The things are neatly stored and easy to access by yourself, which can also make your college life more comfortable. Comfortable.

  Usually in the dormitory, the space we can personally control includes desks, beds, wardrobes, and bathrooms. Today let's take a look at some practical tips that can make our dormitory life more refreshing!

  1. Desktop storage - expand space

  We usually put computers, power strips, mirrors, cosmetics, desk lamps, textbooks, etc. on the desktop. Especially for girls, there may be more things. At this time, we need our storage tools to appear.

  ·Cosmetic Storage

  Girls are very familiar with the cosmetic storage box. You can integrate fragmented items, and the desktop space will become larger immediately.


  ·Desk lamp, Xiaomei suggests that you can buy light strips, which can be directly installed on the wall or low in the cabinet, without taking up space on the desktop

  For stationery and books, you can buy a multi-layer bookshelf, which can be placed vertically without taking up plane space.

  The most special thing is the charging cable and plug board of our electronic products. There are many and miscellaneous wires. The plug board can be fixed on the wall or the outer layer of the cabinet with a holder. If there are too many wires, use a storage box to store them. , Each charging cable is rolled up, fixed with a disposable rubber ring, and labeled, so that it is very convenient to take.

  ·If the space around the table is really not enough, Xiaomei recommends that you buy a small trolley, which is convenient for storing things and can be moved. It is a little helper for storage! There is also a more convenient hanging basket, which can also use the space under the table When you get up, you can put it next to the bed, put some small items, and it is super convenient to take things.


  2. Wardrobe storage - partition and classification

  The wardrobe in the dormitory is the place where we store the most things. We can use the method of partitioning and layering to store items. First, we can classify the messy clothes, which are in season or out of season, often worn or not often worn, and often taken. Save space by investing in some compartments or multi-purpose hangers for sorting.


  For those with strong privacy, you can use the storage box for storage, especially if you need to use the cabinet door, you can buy some hooks to hang small items such as bags, hats, scarves, etc., which is also convenient to take at any time without taking up space in the cabinet . Large items that are not commonly used, such as winter quilts and clothes, can be stored in a vacuum compression bag, and they can be placed higher so that they do not occupy the daily position.


  3. Shoe storage - multi-layer storage

  In spring, summer, autumn and winter, one person has at least 8 pairs of shoes, and 6 people have at least 36 pairs. If there is a public shoe cabinet in the dormitory, it is difficult to fill it all. At this time, a shoe rack is needed, which can be placed in a corresponding place. The area adjacent to the position saves space.


  4. Storage in the bathroom - using wall space

  If the dormitory has an independent bathroom, there are too many bottles and cans for one person, let alone 6 people, so we must make full use of the space.

  1) You can use a small storage trolley for heavy shower, shampoo and laundry detergent, which is convenient to carry and move.

  2) Some hanging shelves can be hung on the wall of the bathroom to put some small objects

  3) Hang some hooks on the back of the door to hang the changed clothes

  4) On the washbasin, you can put the pegboard shelf on the sink to place the toiletries, which is beautiful and convenient


  That’s all for today’s talk about dormitory storage. The living environment is tidy and clean every day, and the mood will be much better. Storage is a habit. I hope everyone will have a new semester, a new look, smooth studies, and a happy university life.

  If you have other special tips, you can also leave a message for Xiaomei to share.

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