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How to organize storage and storage tools throughout the house

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Organize the trilogy

The first step of finishing the season ♡ Lined up to make a choice

According to the principle of sorting, the first step of sorting is to line up similar items. If there are too many similar items to survive the fittest, decide which ones should be discarded, which ones can be kept, and one thing can be used for multiple purposes.

The principle of abandonment:

1. Those that have not been used within a year and are not intended to be used in the future;

2. Items that have expired, are broken, aging, or defaced;

3. Items you no longer like.

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Principles left:

1. Not used within a year, but will be used in the near future;

2. Old objects that can be reused;

3. Old objects with treasure value and emotion;

4. Items you like and often use.

The second step of seasonal storage♡ Selection of storage tools and storage of items

After choosing the items, you need to choose the appropriate storage tool to store the items. From small pieces in the living room to quilts in the bedroom, from cosmetics to office supplies, the storage tools needed for everything are different. The editor recommends the following items for everyone

Flocking hanger♡

1. Ultra-thin, not taking up space

2. Strong bearing capacity

3. It can be used for both dry and wet, wet clothes can also be used, and can be directly hung back to the closet after drying.

4. You can't afford to hang up your clothes, so avoid the shoulders of your clothes

5. All pants and clothes can be used

6. The clothes hook can be rotated 360 degrees, so don't worry about hanging it in the wrong direction

7. Environmental protection, safe and reliable to use

Baina Box♡

Whether it's clothes or quilt, choose practical and beautiful ones. The storage space should be reasonable, but also to meet the needs of the room

1. Built-in steel frame, strong bearing capacity, compressible storage, large capacity, increase storage space

2. Visible on three sides, door opening on both sides, easy to pick and place items

3. A variety of sizes, which can be flexibly used in various cabinets to store different items

4. The storage items are tidy and easy to take and place as a whole

Storage box♡

The storage box can be placed anywhere in the home, free and convenient. It can not only be used for storage, but also can store some treasured items, which can be used for multiple purposes.

Small white box

Transparent chest of drawers♡

Simple plastic boxes can also play a clever storage effect, the first choice for tidying control and Virgo

The drawer can be used to store small items, such as underwear, scarves, etc. The advantage of PP pumping is that it can be matched at will. When you change the season, you don't need to take out the contents and change the position directly.

The third step of seasonal storage♡ Item return

After sorting and storing, put them in the corresponding position according to the function of the item. Such as: medicines are placed in the sundries cabinet, clothes are placed in the closet, books are placed in the study room, firewood, rice, oil and salt seasonings are placed in the kitchen... etc. And carry out corresponding display according to aesthetics; such as: color, height, type... etc.

Of course, it’s not enough to have storage artifacts. Some easy-to-remember and practical formulas are needed.

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