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The most complete and easy-to-understand guide on "Japanese-style three-separation bathroom design"

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When it comes to the bathroom, what is your first impression?

1. It is the "fog filter effect" that lasts for a long time on the mirror after taking a bath

2, it is the cool contact between the always wet toilet pad and the butt.

3. When I was still urinating, I stood at the door of the bathroom and listened to the “embarrassment” of the sound of the shower.

Said that one country where the bathroom cannot be bypassed is Japan. In addition to the TOTO sanitary ware that students are familiar with, the      concept of "three separate bathrooms" is the essence of Japanese culture: demand is supreme. The theme of this issue is: Understanding the correct        way to open the bathroom ── "Three Separations in Japanese Style".


  【Toilet decoration】The most complete and easy-to-understand guide about "Japanese-style three-separated bathroom design" is in this article

   The most complete and easy-to-understand guide on "Japanese-style three-separated bathroom design" is in this article

  Why do you want to "three separate bathrooms"

  The wet and dry partitioning methods that friends are familiar with are basically separated inside the bathroom, either by installing a shower curtain or as a shower room to separate the toilet from the shower area. This approach is not undesirable, at least the water will not splash on the toilet when taking a bath. But if you want a better experience, "three separate bathrooms" is the best choice.

       That~~~ What is "three separations", three refers to the three main functional areas of the bathroom: toilet area, shower area, and washing area. To put it simply, the separation of the bathroom is regarded as a building block game. It is divided into three independent spaces like disassembling the building blocks, and the combination is a complete bathroom.

        Benefits of choosing "three separate bathrooms" in the bathroom

   1. It can keep the space outside the shower area dry and hygienic, and avoid the growth of bacteria and corrosion of the wooden cabinet.

  2, improve the efficiency of bathroom use, bathing does not affect the family's use of the toilet or wash basin.

  3. The dry area can be used to store items such as bath towels or toilet paper that should not be wet.

  4. When using the toilet cotton slippers in the bathroom, it will no longer be wet by standing water.

   5. There is no need to "compromise" to water vapor with decorative paintings or wet-weary green plants when creating an Internet celebrity bathroom.

   The most complete and easy-to-understand guide on "Japanese-style three-separated bathroom design" is in this article


Review the layout of some bathrooms

   Wash your face, brush your teeth, take a shower, and go to the toilet all in one space. If it is a single apartment, there is nothing wrong with this arrangement. However, even if it is a couple’s den, when there is a peak in the morning and evening, when someone is using the toilet or taking a bath, the other person can only wait. Not to mention the house where parents and children live together, which is simply a "disaster-level" layout.

   The most complete and easy-to-understand guide on "Japanese-style three-separated bathroom design" is in this article

  Many friends are aware of these problems, and the measures they take are generally to separate the washbasin. This approach can solve part of the problem for all concentrated in one space.

   But it can't solve the embarrassment like "night peak" (usually the situation of several generations in the same house), you relax in the bathroom and take a shower, knocking on the door outside, "I want to use the toilet."

   The conditions required for the "three separations"

   Not all toilets can meet the conditions of three-separation, more are "unmovable" toilets. Let my friends take a look at the conditions for three-separation bathrooms.