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Under the three-child policy, can the full-time mothers who "walk the baby" keep their home storage in order?

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  When the house is first lived, the items in the home can be kept in order, but as time goes on, the clutter slowly fills the home space. Not to mention living alone, let alone a family with young children.

  At present, the country has liberalized the three-child policy, and the post-8090 generation has become the main force of "mother and dad". When there are more children in the family, the corresponding clothing, toys, daily necessities, etc. will also increase exponentially. Most children are born with the "troubleshooting" attribute, and the storage and organization of items has become a daily "compulsory course" for full-time mothers. Fortunately, the young parents of the 8090 generation are more exposed to the concept of storage, so they can "grasp" children with one hand and "grasp" tidy up with the other. However, even if there are more children in the family and they know how to store, the family can still be orderly.



  1. Don’t hoard a lot of goods

  The little ones grow up bouncing around all day, and refresh the "data" every year. Therefore, after many items are used, they cannot be used again. Especially clothes, etc., can no longer be worn after growing up. Therefore, when purchasing, mothers should try not to stock up on a large amount of goods while ensuring daily wear, and maintain a good habit of storage. In order to avoid the situation of "useless if you don't wear it, it's a pity to throw it away", and it will not cause a burden on housework.


  2. Use storage products skillfully

  In the process of home storage and organization, space storage products are indispensable tools. The DIY space storage product system developed by Meizhigao develops corresponding storage racks, storage facilities and small furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, study rooms and other home scenes. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of children, it can help mothers effectively classify children's items such as clothing, toys, books, tableware, etc., and improve the utilization rate of home space. Midea's high-space storage products are all made of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials, zero formaldehyde, and have obtained the US NSF sanitation and safety certification. With the production standards of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, they ensure the health and hygiene of home storage.


  3. Regular cleaning

  Clothes that children don’t wear, toys that they don’t play with, and books that they don’t read anymore will only take up storage space in the home if they are not cleaned up regularly. For items that are no longer used, you can choose to resell them or give them away to others to deal with them on a regular basis to ensure the storage capacity of the space in your home.

  4. Storage, starting from the child

  Parents are children's first teachers. Every word and deed of parents, no matter good or bad, can become a "role model" for children. The same is true for storage. In this process, as parents, we can let go and let children do it. Parents can guide children to learn to classify, learn to choose, and cultivate children's sense of order and logic. The toys that have been played should be put back in time and arranged in different sizes, sizes, and colors; the picture books that have been read should be neatly arranged according to different categories and different reading frequencies. If things go on like this, children will form their own habits about the selection and storage of items, and they will become more interested in storage.

  However, in the process of cultivating children's storage habits, children cannot be instructed in a coercive or orderly manner, which will only make them resist. You can play games, such as competing with children to sort out, and cultivate children's storage habits through entertaining and educational methods.


  Meizhigao has been focusing on space storage for 20 years, providing customized space storage solutions for industrial and commercial customers and home customers. It not only provides systematic and serialized DIY products in various scenarios, but also actively promotes the spread of storage culture, strengthens storage education and training, and provides door-to-door storage and finishing services to provide customers with one-stop space storage solutions.


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