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Why is the finishing industry becoming more and more popular in China?

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Organize once, practice one practice

If we say that life is a practice that starts from zero

So, the appearance of tidying up

Bring everyone a different life and N kinds of lifestyles

Organizing and storing technique originated from developed countries

As early as the 1980s, the finishing industry originated in the United States. After decades of development, it has been introduced into Germany, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Now it has reached the peak of an era and its development is in full swing. Organizing and generalizing people has also become a fashionable profession.

After the publication of best-selling books such as "Break House Li" by Hideko Yamashita, and "Puzzling Life Arrangement Magic" by Japanese storage expert Marie Kondo, it has set off a tidying frenzy around the world.

"Break off" has also become a new fashion life concept.

Strong demand in the global finishing and storage market

One of the advocates of the minimalist lifestyle that has swept the world, Joshua Becker’s new work "Minimalism Changed Me" mentions a set of statistics:

In the 35 richest countries in the world, the total weight of items consumed per person per day reaches about 100 kg.

Due to the large amount of clutter in the house, we spend an average of 3680 hours or 153 days searching for misplaced items in our lifetime.

The sales of the home finishing industry reached US$16 billion in 2016, and it is growing at a rate of 4% per year.

According to a report from CCTV Finance Channel, the size of the domestic finishing and storage market is expected to reach 101.2 billion yuan in 2020.

In the context of the rapid development of the global finishing and storage industry, the domestic finishing industry has also achieved unprecedented rapid development, and a wave of "organization and storage" is being set off.

From buying to buying to a minimalist life

Organizing and storing become a new rigid demand

With the rapid development of China's economy in the past decade, people's living conditions are getting better and better, and their purchasing power is also increasing. Coupled with the rise of major e-commerce companies such as Taobao and JD.com in recent years, shopping methods have undergone tremendous changes. Everyone started buying and buying like crazy. Every year on Double Eleven, the amazing transaction volume also shows people's powerful purchasing power.

In recent years, the demand of ordinary families has increased, and the number of household items has increased. Especially in the first-tier cities, the living area is limited. If it is filled with all kinds of sundries, the comfort will be greatly affected. When you want to find something, you can always find it, and when you find it, it expires.

The contradiction between objects, space, and people has gradually emerged, making everyone realize that there are more and more things in the house, and they have begun to become sensible when buying things, and "Break Home" has also been disputed by everyone. Phase enthusiastic.

With the development of the domestic economy and the changes in people's consumption concepts, organizing and storage has gradually become a rigid need of this era. As a new profession and a new group, organizing divisions are also rapidly developing and growing in China, becoming a new trend and more and more. Many people are willing to spend tens of thousands of yuan on organizing storage services.

In developed countries, families with higher incomes and higher living standards have higher home storage standards.

Because most people have a limited living area in a metropolis where most people have a limited amount of land, they need to improve their ability and skills to make small spaces larger, and improve the comfort and quality of life of the space.

Organizing and storing has become a new life concept

Organizing is not only about the environment and objects, but also about the continuous sorting of people's inner emotional world, reducing the burden on space and reducing the pressure on the soul.

In the process of storage and organization, people are also constantly pursuing a better life. They learn to choose, self-organize, and make chaos into order, and the crowded space becomes warm and comfortable, so that people, space, and objects can live together in harmony, thereby improving Life and work efficiency, mood will become relaxed and happy, full of happiness.

And in this life practice of organizing and storing objects and emotions, it also allows people to finally return to a natural and comfortable life state and acquire new attitudes and ways of life.