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What are the top ten tips for cleaning up a room?

Time:2021-05-31 Views:203

1. All unused quilts and out-of-season clothes are packed in vacuum compression bags, and then received in a large transparent storage box.

2. Small things, the boxes of thermal underwear are separated by hard paper, which can be used to hold underwear, socks, silk scarves, etc. at a glance.

3. Put sweaters in the compartment of the closet, using the honeycomb method, which is to roll up all the sweaters in a long tube and stack them up, so that each one can be seen clearly, and you can pick which one you want to wear. , And can be added at any time without rearranging.

4. Hang a few hooks on the closet door and collect the belt and hat. It is much easier to find than hanging with clothes.

5. There is a shoe rack for shoes that are often worn, and those that are not often worn are still packed in a shoe box and placed under the bed.

6. The toilet mainly uses tripods and sticky hooks. Put as few things as possible, just put the commonly used ones. Toothbrush and toothpaste can be hung on the wall, which saves space and looks good. Use moisture-resistant boxes and jars to organize combs and care products.

7. Put a shelf at the door of the living room, and put medicine chests, tool boxes, small electrical appliances and other sundries on it. The electrical appliances should be in original boxes as much as possible, which looks neat and not easy to break. The sundries should also be packed in boxes as much as possible. For example, a shoe box can be used to hold commonly used tools by removing the lid, and then use a yogurt jar to hold scissors, screwdrivers and the like. Large and infrequent tools are packed in large boxes and placed in cabinets on the balcony .

8. Specially use a four-layer rack to store common kitchen utensils, my juicer, food processor, egg beater, electric kettle, and various cake molds are put together.

9. Put a shelf on the big dining table, where the condiments, toothpicks, bottle opener, etc. are placed.

10. There are a lot of spare things, like toothpaste, shampoo, kitchen towels and the like, usually buy more, put it in a small transparent storage box, and put it in the cabinet on the balcony.

11. The refrigerator is the best container, but the type and date of the food must be posted on the door to prevent expired items from contaminating the refrigerator. The airtight jar can be used for snacks such as dried fruits and biscuits, and it is not easy to break. Rice noodles, beans, etc. are packed in barrels and placed in a dry place. Fruits that are not suitable for refrigerators can be placed in a basket or placed directly on a shelf. They are beautiful and fragrant, and they are not afraid to be found and damaged.