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Beautiful housewife has the secret to tidy up, 12 tricks for living room storage skills

Time:2021-05-28 Views:194

The living room is the facade of the entire family, and senior housewives will organize their living rooms. So, as a beautiful housewife, how do you organize it? The 12-stroke living room storage technique allows you to easily manage the living room.

PART1: Whole wall storage

Bookcase storage on the whole wall

  Decorative highlights: There are two large pieces of storage and storage furniture in the living room: TV cabinet and bookcase. Building a wall cabinet is the best way to store it in the living room. Choosing a glass door can also play a role of decoration and display, enhancing the texture and style of the living room.

Storage cabinet whole wall storage

  Decorative highlights: Excellent wall storage method can save a lot of floor space and also bring visual beauty. The overall wall is used to create a brightly colored, lively and personalized storage cabinet, and the items are placed neatly and uniformly, creating a neat and interesting small living room.

Lattice whole wall storage

  Decorative highlights: The storage cabinet built according to the wall, simple appearance, simple matching, perfect storage, fully reflects the personality of the owner. The grids of different sizes are classified to cleverly store various collections of different types and achieve individual decoration.

Whole wall storage

  Decorative highlights: Make full use of the wall to increase the overall storage function of the living room, reduce clutter, and give play to the smart advantage of space. The sofa background wall is transformed into an open design overall storage wall, which can perfectly store and display books and home accessories.

PART2: practical storage cabinet

TV cabinet + bookcase practical storage

  Decorative highlights: When choosing a cabinet for storage in the living room, it can be in the form of a TV cabinet + bookcase, which not only stores all kinds of daily necessities, gets rid of the clutter, but also creates a simple and generous living room space.

Blue wine cabinet practical storage

Decoration highlights: the blue wine cabinet placed by the corner, and the gray lattice rack to match it, show the owner’s beautiful tableware and treasured wine one by one, while storing all kinds of tricky small sundries, making the living room tidy Besides, it is full of European romantic feelings.

Practical storage of drawers

Decorative highlights: The chest of drawers with storage function can achieve perfect living room storage, and its diverse internal accessories combination can neatly store daily odds and ends and meet various storage needs in life, while taking into account the storage function to the greatest extent It saves space.

Cabinet practical storage

Decoration highlights: side cabinets and TV cabinets store all kinds of sundries in the living room, such as books, CDs, remote controls, small accessories, etc. From then on, the living room will no longer see any messy little sundries, making the space change Must be clean and tidy.

PART3: coffee table or sofa storage

Coffee table or multifunctional sofa storage

  Decorative highlights: The storage sofa bed with multiple functions can not only easily decorate your own unique home, but also has three large drawers at the bottom of the sofa, which can neatly store daily odds and ends and make the living room more tidy.

Coffee table or sofa storage

  Decorative highlights: The underside of the sofa can also be "transformed" into a storage box to help the owner store the sheets and clothing that are not used in ordinary times. Choose a sofa with storage function to save space to the greatest extent and create a clean and tidy world for the living room.

Traditional coffee table or sofa storage

  Decorative highlights: In addition to the traditional coffee table, a retro-style wooden box replaces the coffee table, which is not only unique, but also has great functions. The surface of the wooden box is spacious and gentle, and various teapots and tea cups are arbitrarily laid out, and the box body can be opened, and a large amount of sundries can be stored inside and hidden invisible.

Coffee table or sofa storage

  Decorative highlights: If you want to get more space in the living room, you should "explore" the "potential" of the coffee table. The coffee table is used to place tea objects, and the surface can also be used for simple storage and decoration. A coffee table with drawers can also put beautiful magazines and small accessories arranged in a disorderly manner.